The Chairman’s Memo

February 4, 2017


Fellow Patriots,

This past week has indeed been an interesting one for all who are paying attention to the 2017 legislative session in Mississippi. Tuesday, January 31st, was the 29th day of the session and the deadline for committees to report general bills and constitutional amendments originating in their own house. This, of course, meant a flurry of activity leading up to that “mark on the wall.” Some of the activity was in plain sight, but most of it I dare say was behind closed doors, or if you prefer (and I do ) under the “cover of darkness.” Why do men prefer darkness rather than light? So as to conceal their deeds…or so they think. God almighty knows all things, sees all things and judges all things. While mere humans possess no such powers, we are given a brain and the ability to use it to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

As to the flurry of activity under the cover of darkness, we are not all asleep. Thank goodness a good and growing number of us are awake, engaged and motivated. Motivated not to bring attention to ourselves, but to awaken others to present threats to our Republic and call them to action on the battlefield. Yes! this is a battlefield, and it is not for the faint of heart. When the powers that be are openly challenged to explain and defend their positions and actions, they do not like it! When they are further pressed to reveal true motivations and disclose who or what fuels said motivations, well they like that even less. So be it. We will not yield. We will not quit. We will press on in our quest to uproot the “weeds” and replant with “good seed.” That good seed being men and women who seek to selflessly serve and give their all to advance the cause of Liberty for all Mississippians. DeSoto County is blessed to have already have “good seed” in the House of Representatives. More on that in a moment.

 Let me take a moment to share my thoughts on one bill in particular- HB 480, Internet Use Tax. It is embarrassing that Republicans in Mississippi are more concerned with reaching into the pockets of Mississippi families than they are in protecting the life of the unborn or in recognizing the God-given rights of parents to make vaccination decisions for their children. With a gigantic mountain of bureaucracy, laden with inherent waste and abuse, fueled by an already excessive and oppressive tax system, why on earth do these people think they need to steal more of our money? Yes, it is OUR money, not theirs. Is not human life and personal liberty more precious to GOP leadership than theft by taxation? Apparently not. I am sick to death of hypocrites and charlatans in the Legislature. How repugnant that leadership of the “Party of the Constitution” (tongue-in-cheek) squashes pro-life and pro-liberty bills in the House and Senate and never let them see the light of day for a fair hearing on the floor of either chamber. Yet they throw energy behind progressive policies like increased taxes. They do not value our property, rather they view it as their own to plunder and do whatever their greedy hearts desire.  I am incensed. You should be as well.

Remember that “good seed” I referenced earlier? We are grateful that seven Representatives from DeSoto County stood against HB 480 and its theft of Mississippians. Thank you, Steve Hopkins, Robert Foster, Dana Criswell, Dan Eubanks, Ashley Henley, Bill Kinkade and Jeff Hale. May God honor your stand and grant you particular wisdom and guard your hearts in the days ahead. This issue is certainly not the first time you have stood on the side of Liberty in the face of strong opposition, and we expect it to be far from your last. Lord willing and with your help, one day in Mississippi the murder of unborn children will cease and parents will possess the freedom to make vaccination decisions for their children. I just do not understand how one group of people can deny another human being of a right that God himself does not deny. I never will understand it, because it is not right.

In closing, I offer to anyone who will listen to my thoughts on our national pledge of allegiance. Think about it. Do you really pledge allegiance to a flag? Oh, I know it also says “and to the Republic for which it stands.” But what concept of Republic did socialist author, Francis Bellamy have in mind when he penned those words? I posit that it was not the Republic our Founders gave us for which we must fight to keep. No, I believe Francis Bellamy would have us ascribe to the notion of consolidation of power in the central government and dissolution of State Sovereignty. Do not misquote me here. I am NOT saying that anyone reciting today’s pledge of allegiance believes any such thing or is adversely affected by it. But we must be careful. Words mean things and condition thoughts. Particularly when they are oft repeated. Federal supremacists lurk everywhere, and the doctrine of federal supremacy is constantly pounded into the conscience of Americans from myriad sources by those who seek to rule over us. With that backdrop, I tender what I believe to be a pledge more closely aligned with Founder’s original intent:

     “I pledge allegiance to the Constitution and the Republic which it formed, a confederation of  Sovereign States, by the providence of God, to secure the blessings of Liberty and Justice for all.”



For Liberty,

Tom Minyard
DeSoto County Conservative Coalition

“Liberty First. Constitution Always.”


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